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Feeling confused? Try Tending to Your Attention

The volume of news and online media is expanding faster than ever, yet the amount of attention each of us has to offer in any one day stays the same. Too much time spent responding to signals from the outside world can distract us from developing what scientists call ‘interoceptive awareness’: the ability to sense what’s going on in our body.

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The Value of Purpose and Control

A sense of loneliness or low self-worth may seem like less important threats to a person’s life than common diseases, yet scientific evidence suggests otherwise. In today’s article I explain how social isolation correlates with stress and morbidity. The solution to loneliness lies in regaining a sense of control of so that we feel safe and we are able to manage our personal affairs.

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A Journey of Communication

Adapted from an article published in Massage World explaining how ‘hands-on’ therapists can use dialogue to improve bodily awareness and prevent future injury. Every so

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