Wellbeing Self Help Book – Restoring Balance

Restoring Balance is a wellbeing self help book by Dr Ian Tennant that provides information on living in harmony with your body

A Wellbeing Self Help Book to Guide You Through the Evolving Field of Human Health

I wrote this book to guide you through the evolving field of human wellbeing.

Drawing on the most up-to-date insights into cellular metabolism and nutrition, whilst inviting you to respect your body’s innate wisdom, Restoring Balance is a wellbeing self help book that shows you how reaching a state of healthfulness can be both easy and good fun.

To aid this process, I’ve put together a series of ‘Lifestyle Wellness Recipes’ that gently help you to take the first steps towards restoring balance.

The book demystifies some of the common misconceptions about diet, fasting, exercise and stress. Health advice can feel confusing and overwhelming but this natural health and wellbeing book makes it easier to understand. Together with Lee Mason’s fabulous illustrations, Restoring Balance is an invaluable guide to wellbeing: a reminder that health is not a destination to be achieved, but a lifelong journey to be enjoyed.

Health is a matter of how you and the world interact

Bridging mainstream science and emerging science, this book explains the many complex aspects of what is commonly called 'health', with an endearing everyday simplicity. Chock-full of practical tips this book provides an excellent road-map to restore balance.
Lloyd Burrell
Author of EMF Practical Guide and founder of ElectricSense.com
It does what it says in the title. An excellent introduction to a complex subject which explains the changes we can make to our lives and lifestyles in order to achieve a better state of wellbeing and live longer, healthier, lives. It covers some quite deep scientific and medical topics by using helpful illustrations and analogies so that everyone can follow the issues.
Alasdair Philips
Director of Powerwatch and a Trustee of the Children with Cancer UK charity.
A great balance: tricky subject matter written in an easy to digest form - which, to me, is what the world needs!
Mike Nash
Author and Owner of Aggressive Health