A New Perspective on Wellbeing

Inner body awareness plays a huge role in our wellbeing, including how we manage stress and anxiety – these are huge issues at the moment as we continue to adapt to unfamiliar ways of living.

In this webinar, on Thursday 4th November at 11am, we’ll help improve your understanding of inner body awareness and look at techniques for influencing it, with the aim of enhancing your overall wellbeing. 

Hosted by Dr Ian Tennant, an expert in simple and inexpensive lifestyle choices that can improve health, you’ll learn how to:

 Become more aware of your bodily responses when stressed

 – Shift your perception from a sense of threat to one of safety

 – Manage how you react to stress and the causes of stress

We’ll be exploring an emerging field of research called interoception and how it relates to a range of other health topics that impact your wellbeing.  These include: your mouldable nervous system, the vagus nerve – the most powerful nerve in your body for managing stress – and the concept of ‘body budgeting’.

Get a new perspective on wellbeing in this fascinating webinar, book your place below now.

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