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Welcome to Restoring Balance, a resource for health and wellbeing advice. Get expert information and learn practical techniques to help you live in harmony with your body.


Restoring Balance

Highly healthy people have a hunger to figure out the secrets of happiness and vitality, and through the use of ‘The Three Cs’ – curiosity, capacity and confidence – this fascinating health and wellness resource helps you to creatively ask the right questions about your own health choices.

Restoring Balance is a book by Dr Ian Tennant that provides health and wellbeing advice
Dr Ian Tennant is the founder of Restoring Balance, a website that provides health and wellbeing advice

Dr Ian Tennant

I am a specialist in helping people make simple choices that are inexpensive and improve their health. I also help health and fitness professionals who want to help their clients achieve more.

Free Chapters: Rhythms & Health

I’m giving away two whole chapters from my book, Restoring Balance.

In the first chapter, using real-life examples, you will discover how we are easily tricked into synchronising with artificial rhythms set by a 24-7 way of living.

The second chapter covers body clock research in more depth and offers simple actions that will help you live at ease with natural daily rhythms in a way that many humans have forgotten how to do.

Lifestyle Recipes for Wellness

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Latest News

What is Interoceptive Exposure Therapy?

Public speaking.Heights.Spiders. Especially long-legged ones. Whatever the threat, when we’re anxious, we experience a range of different sensations inside our bodies. Things like breathlessness, increased

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Can Interoception Treat Anxiety?

From pre-exam nerves to worrying about family problems, we’ve all felt anxious at some point in our lives. The familiar feelings in our bodies that accompany anxiety can be pretty unpleasant: your heart in your mouth, your stomach doing somersaults, your palms uncomfortably clammy. Evidence is building that it is possible to help reduce anxiety by being more aware of bodily sensations as they arise.

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How to Use Breathing to Enhance Your Sporting Performance

Whatever your sport and however you train, breathing is important. But for many of us, how we breathe when we train may be holding us back.
By deliberately slowing our breathing, we can dial down the body’s stress response and activate its relaxation response. Blood and oxygen are more efficiently distributed around the body.

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