Work with Ian

We’re looking for volunteers to help us develop and pilot the Inner Sense program whilst training their own sense of interoception. Please register your interest by emailing Paige Leggett at:

How stable are your energy levels?

I can help you make new choices and feel better about your day-to-day

With one-to-one Health Mentoring, you’ll spend time with me to figure out what’s limiting your energy levels. 

An important characteristic of all the highly healthy people I’ve worked with is their built-in curiosity about how best to stay energised, and remain in this state of wellbeing without relying on drugs or stimulants. It’s the same type of curiosity that brought you to this website.

Curiosity drives highly healthy people to keep on improving their lives year on year as the world around them changes.

Curiosity alone is not enough, though. Highly healthy people have two other defining features that give them an edge: they have the capacity to take onboard useful new information about health, and they have the confidence needed to take action towards their health goals.

With these three attributes – Curiosity, Capacity and Confidence – anything is possible. Work with me, and you’ll develop greater power in all of The Three Cs. It will set you apart from people who put the responsibility of being truly well in somebody else’s hands.

If the following two statements are relevant to you, it’s likely that we’ll work well together…

  • I want to learn to manage my own energy levels better.
  • I can commit time, energy and money to a Health Mentoring process