Restoring Balance – Colour and B&W Editions


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Book Synopsis – Restoring Balance

The fundamental principle of this book is that there’s a fire within you – and it’s electric! When your electrical forces are well balanced you’re healthy, but when they’re unbalanced, inflammation and disease result. Interestingly, until humans started wearing shoes, we were continuously electrically connected to the earth in the same way as every other creature on the planet. As we separated ourselves from the earth by wearing shoes, we lost the opportunity to ‘earth’ or neutralise excess reactive forms of oxygen, (otherwise known as ‘free radicals’) which can build up in our body and create too much fire inside us: inflammation. So, the simplest of acts – taking off your shoes and walking on the earth – can have powerful health benefits. The earth’s surface can soothe you and making contact with the earth via your skin can have a powerful effect on pain and inflammation. Restoring Balance is full of similarly simple but effective ways to help bring you into a state of ease and health.

It is true that there are many internal and external threats that can throw your body out of equilibrium but the good news is that your wise body is constantly measuring what’s going on inside and outside of it and making adjustments aimed at serving your best interests.

People who are more aware of their bodily cues – for example how their body deals with stress – are more likely to remain healthy, so in this book, Dr Tennant helps you to develop sensitivity to the quieter signals your body is communicating, and advises you how to give yourself time for integration to take place. Highly healthy people have a hunger to figure out the secrets of happiness and vitality, and through the use of ‘The Three Cs’ – curiosity, capacity and confidence – this books helps you to creatively ask the right questions about your own health choices.

Health really is a matter of how you interact with the world: it’s all about keeping your lifestyle choices in balance, but as we all know, habits are powerful. Sometimes, after noticing that a little bit of something feels good, we have a tendency to assume that a lot of it is must be even better! Before we know it, unhealthy habits are born. Poor lifestyle choices driven by habitual behaviour can have many negative impacts on health. Not only this, but 21st century life can also send your hormones out of sync: modern forms of lighting can disrupt your natural biological rhythms, leading to weight gain and disease, and invisible fields of energy given off by electrical devices such as wi-fi routers and smartphones can drain your cellular batteries and cause inflammation. The earth’s atmosphere has become packed with what has recently been coined ‘electrosmog’ and there is growing proof that we should be very cautious about exposure to too many manmade electromagnetic fields.

Knowing these facts need not be depressing or overwhelming however, because there is so much we can do to help ourselves. Dr Tennant’s ‘Lifestyle Recipes for Wellness’ show you how to address these issues by ‘Creating a Health Vision’, by ‘Transforming your limiting beliefs’ and by ‘resting in the nature of things’. For example, Restoring Balance teaches you how, by balancing your exposure to daylight and darkness, you can aid your sleep patterns. It’s true that the shorter you sleep, the shorter your life, so you need to know how to make friends with tiredness rather than fight against it, and how to ‘wash your brain’ by getting a good night’s sleep. Many people put pressure on themselves to keep up with someone else’s clock – a time schedule that doesn’t match your own natural rhythm – but ultimately, you are the architect of your own health experience. It’s up to you to choose your emoji!

Knowing how you do want to feel is just as important as knowing how you don’t want to feel. To stay healthy, it is important to appreciate the power of your thoughts on your physical health. The body IS the mind – they are totally interconnected – so it is important to give as much attention to your inner world of feelings as you do to your outer world of appearances. Because your body is your mind, every time you have a thought or perception, a change occurs in your physiology. So, taking care of your thoughts helps your body to stay well, and taking care of your body will improve your thoughts. You are how you move so by moving and exercising in novel ways – as explained in the Wellness Recipe ‘Improving Your Exercise Spice Mix’ – your brain grows strong and gets a work-out too. People who stay mentally and physically active live longer!

How you interact with your environment matters just as much to your health as the genes you were born with –  in fact, it might be the genes that load the gun, but it’s the environment that pulls the trigger, and by ‘environment’ this means not only the natural world you live within, but what food you choose to eat, what exercise habits you cultivate and what thought processes you favour. It is changing signals from your environment that trigger genes to be switched on or off and you can influence this by a balanced approached in all things. The field of nutrition, for example, is constantly evolving and the discovery of new information, helps us to piece together new pieces of the puzzle. We now know that people who are adapted to switching between a fasting state and a feeding state gain numerous health advantages. Regular fasting can significantly reduce cravings for sweet foods – but we must remember to enjoy the feasting phase in between each fast! We know that a good way to determine healthy food is that if it doesn’t vaguely look like it did when it was growing in the ground, running around in a field or swimming in the sea, it’s best to avoid it altogether – and that including a wide variety of vegetables in your diet is protective against disease. Food is so much more than just fuel: supplementing with a recommended daily amount of vitamins does not give you free rein to eat only junk food! Good food, connects you with the wider environment, with family, friends and community, and it is this connection that is so nourishing – a sense of safety and support from your community is vital. Without it, the effects of other healthy habits are diminished. Your interconnections with your inner and outer environment are vital.

The clue is in the title: Restoring Balance is all about feeling more energised, alive and joyful by cultivating balance and ease in all things. The natural world is at ease with itself in a way humans have forgotten how to be. This book helps you to restore your sense of ease and balance and thereby a state of healthful wellbeing. Enjoy the journey – you are on it for life!

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