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This section will go live early in 2020…

The articles in this section will give you a better understanding of complex topics from my book, Restoring Balance. I’ll start with two controversial subjects:

  1. Our relationship with food.
  2. How man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) effect your health.

Please take to the time to look through my signposting section. It’s packed full of fascinating information that I couldn’t squeeze in the book.

Thanks for your patience!



Food causes more controversy than any other health topic. Our relationship with food can be bound up with emotion, tradition, culture and our personal hard-wired routines. These articles aim to increase awareness of the decisions you can make without being restrained by labels. We can settle on a decision that sits comfortably with our ethics and life demands – including family, friends, income and time.

Man-made EMFs.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are here to stay. We’ve been bathed in them since the dawn of time and man-made EMFs are part of modern society. Whilst technology has allowed humans to do some incredible things it is overwhelming us on many levels.

These articles will help deepen your appreciation of how your body uses and responds to electrical phenomena. They give you the option to take a precautionary approach, and balance time and exposure to man-made EMFs with time exposed to the largely natural EMFs that our bodies are conditioned to.