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A new leaf unfurls on a stem, representing the start of a new life. The image also includes the text: "the free energy principle explained"

The Free Energy Principle Explained

Ever wondered what it means to be alive? What is the key factor that separates us and other living organisms from inanimate objects? In 2006, English professor Karl Friston introduced his free energy principle (FEP) to the world. In this post, we pick over the bones of his fascinating and controversial principle.

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An illustration of a man holding a golden token, representing a body budget credit. Image also contains the image "What is body budgeting?"

What is body budgeting?

Our everyday energy expenditure is like a financial forecast. Our brain is constantly managing where best to invest resources, in essence budgeting for our bodies. Modern life can make this a tricky balancing act but we can take positive action through lifestyle choices that help us stay fit, healthy and in the black.

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Sweating man in cycling clothes sat on a sports bike. Image includes the caption "is it safe to exercise whilst fasting?"

Is It Safe to Exercise Whilst Fasting?

Fasted cardio has really captured the imagination of both the scientific community and public. There are lots of purported benefits of working out on an empty stomach, like fat loss and more energy. But is exercising whilst fasting safe? We explore in this post.

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