6 Night Yoga and Wellness Retreat – Restoring Balance

2021 Venue: Finca Marisa, Tinajo

Our 2021 week-long yoga and health retreat will be held at a family-run resort called Finca Marisa in the quiet village of Tinajo, Lanzarote.  The owners have built Finca Marisa around values close to the heart of Restoring Balance: living an ‘aware’ life that is enjoyable and free from excess stress.

Yoga And Health Retreat – Rest, Revitalise and Renew

Our next retreat is in Lanzarote April 4th – 10th, 2021.  We will provide everything you need to feel rested, revitalised and renewed.

With the guidance of world-class experts in bodywork, wellbeing and yoga you will have time to reflect as well as connect with like-minded people, away from normal distractions and routines!

We’ll even reveal to you the latest techniques and science of how to control your own physiological state – what were once seen as mind/body woo-woo ideas are now understood as robust ways to improving your performance and enjoyment of life.

Here’s an example of how each day will pan out during our incredible yoga and wellness escape:


Morning balancing yoga, meditation or pranayama practice led by Sandra Bozic.


Freshly prepared, wholesome brunch.


Themed workshop: i.e. using bodily awareness to improve your wellbeing. Led by Ian Tennant.


Massage treatment or trip to local attractions (e.g. Volcano meditation or vineyard tour).


Light buffet.


Close for the day.

Next  Retreat: Lanzarote, April 4th – 10th 2021

The next retreat will take place in Lanzarote during the Spring of 2021.  During the nourishing week together, we will explore many topics that are key to helping you master the art of finding balance and ease in life. Including:

  • How do light levels affect my health?
  • What is the correct mix of movement medicine for me?
  • How do I overcome hardwired pull of addictive foods?
  • Does genetics play a role in diet?
  • How important is sleep?
  • How do I transform limiting beliefs?

… and much, MUCH More!

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About the Retreat Leaders

Sandra Bozic is a teacher on the Restoring Balance yoga and wellness retreat in Tinajo, Lanzarote

Sandra Bozic

Sandra started practicing yoga whilst studying for a Bachelor degree in Engineering in 2003. Her yoga instructor training has involved numerous stays in ashrams across India and Asia. She is a member of the International Yoga Alliance and studied with some of the most wise masters from India, including:

  • Sunil Kumar Jhinghan in Benares (Shivananda style)
  • Yogacharya Amit (Iyengar style) – perfecting technical aspects of posture
  • Surinder in Rishikesh – learning techniques for deep meditation 
  • Vijay Amar in Dharamsala (Ashtanga Vinyasa) ­– learning the power of dynamic yoga

Sandra is convinced that life has meaning that extends beyond the physical world, a conviction that has been strengthened by immersing herself in local cultures across Nepal, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. In 2009, Sandra also became qualified as an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist at the Baba Center in Rishikesh, learning from the great teacher Jamal Singh.
Dr Ian Tennant is the founder of the Restoring Balance yoga and wellness retreat in Tinajo, Lanzarote

Dr Ian Tennant

Author of Restoring Balance and a double award winning massage therapist. Dr Ian Tennant has 20 years’ experience working in the field of human and environmental health.

His early career included working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Centre for Inflammation Research based at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

These days he works face-to-face with people helping them make simple choices that are inexpensive and improve their health.

Location: Lanzarote

This retreat is being held on one of the most stunning Canary Isles, Lanzarote.  Often referred to as the ‘Islands of Eternal Spring’ because temperatures rarely drop below 16ºC in the Winter or or 25ºC in the Summer.   

The island’s terrain is a real treat for the eyes – rugged and colourful.  You will have the chance to experience the extremes of steep volcanoes,  jagged coastline, clear seas and fresh sea breeze.