Health Mentoring – Initial Consultation Online


Hi, my name is Dr Ian Tennant. You’ve been in touch with me via email. 

It’s my aim to help you find clarity on the next step forward for your health and avoid feeling stuck with your current situation.

‘Initial Health Mentoring Consultations’ are private and can be carried out by Skype or Zoom. They allow you to get a clear idea of whether you want to continue working with me or not. During the call we both have the chance to  gain a better understanding of each other, including:

  • Reviewing the history you’ve already provided prior to the the call.
  • Digging deeper to find what else may be contributing to your situation.
  • Explaining how I work and the health mentoring process.
  • Discussing immediate options for you to move forward with your health challenge after the initial consultation.

By the end of the call I will give an honest assessment of whether I think we can work together long-term to further improve your energy levels.  

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