Preliminary Guidance for the Safe Return to Face to Face appointments for Soft Tissue Therapists

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Adapted from The Institute of Soft Tissue Therapists – Return to Work Guidance

Prior to Treatment

  • Upon making appointments the client will be asked if they, or any member of their household, has symptoms of Covid-19 or whether they or any of their household had been advised to self-isolate.
  • If the answer is yes to any of the above, then treatment cannot commence until an isolation period in line with government guidance has been completed and the client confirms they are symptom free.
  • Before the client enters the premises for their appointment I will ask ask if they, or any member of their household, have any symptoms of COVID-19. If they answer yes, then all treatment shall be cancelled until a period of isolation has taken place in line with government guidelines.
  • Although not possible during hands-on treatment, at other times every effort shall be made to maintain social distancing; (consultation process, note taking, exercise advice for example.)
  • If the client cancels because they are unwell, any cancellation fee shall be waived

Face Covering

  • The Client shall be met outside the Clinic, the Client and Therapist shall sanitise their hands and don face covering before entry into the premises.

Hand Washing and Hand Sanitiser

  • Before the Client arrives, the therapist shall wash hands. When the client arrives, they shall sanitise their hands prior to entering the premises.
  • The therapist shall again wash or sanitise their hands directly before starting the treatment.
  • When the Client leaves both parties shall either wash or use hand sanitiser on their hands.
  • Before removing face coverings, hand sanitising or hand washing shall be conducted.

The full guidance document can be viewed here