Inner Sense Pilot FAQ

We’re looking for volunteers to help us develop and pilot the Inner Sense program whilst training their own sense of interoception. Please register your interest by emailing Paige Leggett at:

What is the time commitment each week for the Inner Sense pilot programme?

We estimate a minimum of one hour per week. Although, we encourage participants who want to enjoy practicing the inner body awareness exercises to put more time in. Each Saturday starting from 24th April, participants will be sent:
* Informational videos (average time = around 30 – 40 mins)
* Guided body awareness exercises (average time = 10 – 15 mins)
* Self-enquiry questions to reflect upon (as much or as little time given as you want)
Participants are encouraged to practice inner body awareness techniques as often as they like each day. Several options for short ‘body check-in’ type exercises as well as longer guided body-focused meditations will be provided in the Inner Sense Exercise Menu.

I’m interested in taking part in your study but note that you say ‘healthy adults’. Would that exclude someone like me with chronic pain and/or chronic fatigue?

People with chronic pain and/or chronic fatigue are welcome to take part. The only exclusion that was stipulated in the Research Ethics Application is that participants are “Not currently receiving support for mental health from the NHS or private healthcare – e.g. medication or therapy.” This is to minimise the risk of participants becoming distressed by focusing on internal body sensation.
All participants are welcome to leave the programme/study at any time.

Is this study only for UK residents?

People can take part in the study online from anywhere in the world. All that is needed is internet connection and an email account. In addition to the weekly pre-recorded video content – optional weekly live sessions have been arranged for Q&A and group inner body awareness practice. So, time zone differences may make joining those live sessions difficult – however, we aim to share recordings of any optional sessions.

How is this different to mindfulness training?

There are many forms of mindfulness training. Each involves focusing attention in a deliberate (mindful) way. Some forms of mindfulness involve bringing attention to thoughts, others may involve focusing on an object such as a candle or repeating words (mantra). The inner body awareness exercises used in this pilot study can be considered a form of mindfulness training because we are asking you to bring attention to sensations arising inside your body.

You would like us to use the Welltory App to record Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and Heart Rate. Would not having a smartphone be an issue?

If you do not have a smartphone, don’t worry about submitting data for HRV and Heart Rate. Just enter “0” for the readings in the Qualtrics survey.

Is there an upper age limit for taking part in the study?

There is no upper age limit for this study. The minimum age limit for taking part is 18 yeard old.

Where can I find the content for this week?

A link to the content for 8-week programme will be emailed to you each Saturday from 24th April. Here’s a screenshot of the main page of the programme.

What if I don’t understand the body awareness exercises after I have watched a video?

If you don’t understand the exercise, then it might be good to contact anyone else in the Facebook Group to see if they can help you make sense of it:
Here you could get guidance from other people on the course and Inner Sense team members. If you still cannot get to grips with the exercise, then feel free to email your query to

How do I access the optional live weekly group meetings and Facebook group for pilot study participants?

You can register in advance for the weekly live Q&A and group practice sessions here:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

The Facebook group for pilot study participants can be found here

(PLEASE NOTE this is a new group exclusively for pilot study members and different from the Facebook page for general public updates on the Inner Sense project)

What if I need to talk to someone about the bodily sensations and/or my feelings after an exercise?

If you have any questions or concerns about how you feel after your body awareness exercise, then email or feel free to discuss it at the next live Zoom session. If you feel more worried and/or distressed about feelings that arise, then please contact these helplines
Emergency and Crisis
* NHS 111 option 2 – 24/7 phone line specifically for mental health help.
* All A&E depts have staff on site to quickly help with mental health emergencies and can help with accessing ongoing treatment after.
Helplines (also known as listening services)
* Samaritans – 116 123 – a 24/7 service
* Lifeline – 0808 808 21 21 – the service runs from 11am – 11pm