Affiliate Disclosure

We’re looking for volunteers to help us develop and pilot the Inner Sense program whilst training their own sense of interoception. Please register your interest by emailing Paige Leggett at:

I aim for as much transparency online as I do when dealing with people face-to-face. So I am disclosing that, occasionally, links to third party products on will earn an affiliate commission for my company, Thrive and Enjoy Ltd – if a sale of the product occurs.

You will not pay more than the standard retail amount for the product viewed via the link. I am often able to share a unique discount with you.

If I share an affiliate link to a product, it is for something that I personally use, support and would recommend. I vet each and every product.

Restoring Balance is here to offer you health and wellbeing advice. It provides expert information and practical techniques to help you live in harmony with your body. I will only ever promote products or resources that fit within this aim.

Dr Ian Tennant