Week 8 – Integrating Change in Life
Week 7 – Changing the meaning – Metacognition
Week 6 - Consistent Change- Building New Healthy Patterns
Week 5 - Deliberate Change - Predictive Processing
Week 4 - The Biology of Change and Communication
Week 3 - Change is Possible - Neuroplasticity
Week 2 - A Gateway For Change - Interoception
Week 1 - Stability Through Change

What happens next? (Week 8, Video 1)

For the final week of the Inner Sense programme we run through a few options for integrating what’s been learned into everyday life. Rather than viewing internal body awareness as something that is done only whilst alone in the peace and quiet of home, it can be used as a tool during work, whilst socialising or going about other daily affairs. Maybe you have started this process already!