Week 8 – Integrating Change in Life
Week 7 – Changing the meaning – Metacognition
Week 6 - Consistent Change- Building New Healthy Patterns
Week 5 - Deliberate Change - Predictive Processing
Week 4 - The Biology of Change and Communication
Week 3 - Change is Possible - Neuroplasticity
Week 2 - A Gateway For Change - Interoception
Week 1 - Stability Through Change

Video 3 – Experiential Exercise and Self Reflection

This week’s exercise offers you the chance to practice changing the way you feel about situations you’d like to feel better about. Hopefully from completing the experiential exercise in previous weeks, you have proven to yourself that it is possible to influence the way you feel in several ways (e.g. breathing differently or through visualisation). For this exercise a change in feeling is accompanied by a change of ‘story’ or ‘meaning’ that you assign to a topic or situation of your choice. 

Once the video has finished playing, ‘Self Reflection Questions’ will appear below. Please click them to complete the content for week 7 👇