Week 8 – Integrating Change in Life
Week 7 – Changing the meaning – Metacognition
Week 6 - Consistent Change- Building New Healthy Patterns
Week 5 - Deliberate Change - Predictive Processing
Week 4 - The Biology of Change and Communication
Week 3 - Change is Possible - Neuroplasticity
Week 2 - A Gateway For Change - Interoception
Week 1 - Stability Through Change

Video 2 – Creatures of Habit: Understanding and Exploiting Routine Behaviour

How do habits form? In video two we take a brief look at research on how habits arise and tips on how to form new habits that support your goals. This video serves as a reminder to be kind to ourselves when it comes to creating change – it takes time to remould your nervous system and other bodily processes that give rise to feelings that may currently feel automatic.