Week 8 – Integrating Change in Life
Week 7 – Changing the meaning – Metacognition
Week 6 - Consistent Change- Building New Healthy Patterns
Week 5 - Deliberate Change - Predictive Processing
Week 4 - The Biology of Change and Communication
Week 3 - Change is Possible - Neuroplasticity
Week 2 - A Gateway For Change - Interoception
Week 1 - Stability Through Change

Video 3 – Polyvagal Theory – Assessing safety or threat during social engagement

In this video you are introduced to the The Polyvagal Theory of social engagement. Our relationships with other people may generate pleasant or unpleasant bodily sensations. The bodily reactions depend on what we predict the signals that people present to us, such as tone of voice and facial expressions, may mean for our body’s energy and resource budgeting.